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All is a Journey

Where I am now

11 November 1984
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I try to learn everything I can about everything that crosses my path. Everything I enjoy, I try to do well. I have interests in every field of life. As far as sports go, I am all over the board there too. I played badminton at a national competitive level, my highest ranking being 11th in Canada for my age group. I have played a lot of Volleyball, Soccer, and Table Tennis. Currently I am learning Tennis and also getting into Martial Arts on my own. In the past I was a sprinter as well as a high, long and triple jumper.

I believe that people looking for meaning in their lives put too much faith in the easy answers that contemporary religions give them. I believe that people should look in the one place where meaning truly exists...in their own lives.

"All knowledge is ultimately...self knowledge." -Bruce Lee, quoting an older Zen source.

"You have to be a light to yourself. Not the light of a professor or an analyst or a psychologist or the light of Jesus or the Light of Buddha. You have to be light to yourself, in a world that is utterly becoming dark." - Krishnamurti